Frequently Asked Questions

Why Have an Estate Sale?

Liquidating a large amount of personal and household items is hard work! Preparation requires days of unpacking those boxes stored in the basement for 20 years and emptying all the closets and kitchen cabinets. Organization is a challenge when everything stored away now must be on display. Needful Things Estate Sales provides all items necessary to best showcase the items in your sale. We clean out as we go, removing trash, broken items, and other debris. There is no need to throw anything away before we arrive.

Leaving a home can be emotional or stressful and hard to do on your own. Having an estate sale minimizes your stress and leaves you free to manage the other important areas of your life.

You can do it yourself, but an estate sale will save you time.

Estate sales are great exposure if the home is being sold. We now of at least three home that sold after the buyer came to the sale and contacted the realtor.


What Should I Do Before the Sale?

Not too much actually. Determine the items you intend to keep and remove them if possible. Make sure the property will have utilities for set up and during the sale. Provide key or code access to the property. We’ll take it from there.


What Happens During the Sale?

Sales begin at 9 am. Needful Things staff will greet shoppers, provider directions and answer questions. Staff float between areas to monitor and assist. Items of high value will be kept in the showcase which is constantly monitored. Merchandise is continuously rearranged to catch the buyer's eye.

Most sales will be three days. Small sales may two days only. All items are full price on the first day of the sale with no discounts. Prices are reduced by 25% on the second day and by 50% and more on the third day. Bids are accepted until the last day of the sale for no less than 50% of the tagged price.

If your home is on the real estate market, we are happy to display information provided by your agent.


What Happens After the Sale?

We encourage you to do a walk-through after the sale to determine is there is anything you want to keep. We will begin pack out immediately after the last day.

We provide a spreadsheet listing the items sold, the sale price, and totals of all sale proceeds. Full payment will be made by cashier’s check within 7 banking days after the sale. You will receive an invoice with the payment detailing commission, any deductions, and final payment amount.

If you choose to donate unsold items to a charitable organization, we will also provide you with a listing of the items donated and the receipt from the organization. You do not need to make arrangements for charitable pick up unless you choose to do so. We will make those arrangements for you and supervise pick up.


What Can I Keep?

You can choose to keep anything you like, especially if an item is important to you. You should have a good idea of which items you plan to keep and which items will be kept by family before you meet with us. Keep in mind that the outcome of your estate sale depends on what and how much will be for sale.

Should I Clean Out and Throw Things Away Before the Sale?

NO! Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Items you think are trash might sell for more than you can imagine. There is a big market for furniture that can be repurposed.

How do you Determine the Price of an Item?

Items are priced based on condition, desirability, age, and fair market value. Contemporary items such as furniture, household, clothing, and cars will be priced at fair market value based on condition, mileage, etc. Jewelry, gold and silver are priced by current Troy weight and gem type and size.

Antiques and collectibles are a bit different. Typically, antiques are “very old; usually at least a 100 years. “Vintage” or sometimes “retro” is usually an old item enough to be in fashion again. Collectors chose items based on many factors and often just because someone likes them. Mass produced limited edition items may collectible but may not necessarily be valuable for resale.